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10-04-2010 11:00
ENGLISH VERSION: Excerpts from the Interview of Bishop Gregory (Lourie) on Radio Liberty

RL: I ask bishop Gregory to tell us about the history of his parish, and about causes of current attacks against him by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

BG: I would say that while there is indeed an attack, it is not an attack from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is coming from, well, I don't *know* exactly from who, but it's coming from those people who organized that smear campaign in the media. As for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they are currently doing their routine job, and are not interfering with the life of our parish.

Now, a brief introduction to the history of our parish. It started in 1997, when our parish, with a newly-built church, left the Moscow Patriarchate. After that, in the same year 1997, a tragedy happened, when our rector was murdered, and I, as a second person after him in the parish, became the first. After some time, in 1999, I was ordained a priest by the Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal, and since then our church became a part of Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC), to which it belongs to this day. This church is an officially registered religious organization in Russian Federation. And our parish is a local religious organization within ROAC, and we also have the official registration. (...)

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